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Straumann Dental Implants in Cambridge

We offer a range of implants which offer a shorter period between placement and finish of the restoration

Implant surface with an innovative concept SLActive:

Surface technology

This new type of dental implant surface may result in a 60% higher bone contact with the implant after insertion than traditional SLA implants.

The osseo integration of the dental implant follows much faster. Up to this point were titanium surfaces of implants sand blown and acid burnt on the basis of partial micro structuring with hydrocarbon and carbons first water-repulsive.

The modified sand blown and acid burnt surface SLActive is produced by an N2-atmosphere and after the acid burn merged into an isotonic sodium chloride- solution.

This happens to prevent any contact with molecules from the atmosphere.

The Straumann dental implant evolves its water-repulsive feature already when coming in contact with blood when planting it in.

So is blood immediately occluded in the micro pores of the implant?

Two characteristics determine the advantages of the Straumann dental implant: the water-repulsive characteristics of the implant mean that the surface which may come in contact with blood becomes bigger and so the attachment to the bone cells becomes more optional.

Besides the chemically activated implant surface is conditioned to the absorption of proteins. So is an immediate direct contact with blood assured. This optional bind of all blood and bone cells to the water-repulsive implant surface assures fast healing of implants with SLActive surface.

Innovative Surface

From surface topography to surface chemistry

We look back on a long tradition as a pioneer in the area of surface technology: In 1994 was the innovative SLA®-Surface developed, which reduced the average healing time from 12 weeks to 6-8 weeks.

Shortly after its introduction the macro- and micro-structured osseo conductive SLA® -surface was made to golden standard.

With the SLActive was the defended concept SLA®-surface with a step further developed and so it became a standard in surface technology.

With the help of molecular optimisation and remarkable reduction of the healing time from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks opens SLActive new opportunities and challenges in treatment which may appear in the daily praxis.

And the cost? SLActive Implants are £2250 including the abutment and restoration