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Placing the Implant into the Jaw

The most common question we are asked is what exactly happens during the procedure. Here we are trying to show that except in a very few cases, placing a dental Implant is a fairly easy and straight forward procedure, when carried out by an experienced and competent practitioner.

This is actually one of the easiest parts of the treatment and the procedure is generally easier than an extraction and takes considerably less time than a root canal.

On average it takes about 20 to 30 minutes per implant including numbing up and giving post treatment instructions.

The 4 most common scenarios are

1. Single Implant Placement.

This involves 2 small injections, far less than is required for an extraction or filling. We then make an access cavity in the gum for the placement of the implant. This is done with special drills which uses saline as a lubricant. The actual creation of the access takes about 2 minutes and is often over before the patient even realises it. This visit normally takes about 15/20 minutes

2. Single Implant Placement with extraction at the same visit.

This will normally take about 45 minutes and the only reason it takes a while is because the tooth needs to be carefully extracted to preserve as much bone as possible so as to facilitate a good result with the implant.

3. Single Implant Placement with Bone Augmentation.

This is the same as the single implant (1) except that bone is placed around the area where the implant is placed. This normally adds about 5 minutes to the visit length.

This visit normally takes about 20/25 minutes

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4. Raising a Flap to get access for placing an implant.

Most implants placements are done without raising a flap and this minimises post operative pain.

Placing more than one Implant into the Jaw

If we are placing more than one implant the time is simple a multiple so placing 2 implants with take about 40 minutes.