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Metal Free All Ceramic Implants In Cambridge

Why Metal Free Ceramic Dental Implants?

More and more people tend to find that they are incompatible to conventional titanium implants.

Negative reactions to the metal have been found over the past few years.

A replacement material is now available with modern high-performance ceramic zirconium oxide, which also brings aesthetic benefits:

• Significantly less plaque forms on zirconium oxide ceramics. This reduces the risk of peri-implantitis, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

• The gingiva deposits very well on zirconium oxide and thus provides very good red-white aesthetics. Through the white material - very similar to the natural tooth - no gray rings or shadows are visible even with thin or receding gums.

• Zirconium oxide ceramics are extremely biocompatible and do not irritate the immune system.

There are no known incompatibilities or allergies to this material.

Ceramic implants - the natural alternative

With metal-free high-performance ceramics, you receive not only an aesthetic and reliable implant treatment; you can also ensure that the disadvantages which metallic titanium implants may exhibit do not occur. No allergies or intolerances are known to ceramic implants.

Ceramic implants from Z-Systems - Your Alternative

Secured by scientific research over 14 years, and with excellent clinical results, implants from Z-Systems have outstanding safety and are long-lived.


All Z5 implants are made from TZP- A Bio-HIP® zirconium oxide. The material reaches its flexural strength, which is higher by far than conventionally used titanium, through the "Hot Isostatic Post compaction" process, among other things. In this step, the material is densified by sintering in a tunnel oven for three days at 2000 bar, so that the physical properties of the base material can be significantly improved.

Not only implants, but all instruments that come into direct contact with the surgical field are made of zirconium oxide. The cutting instruments are made of high strength ATZ high-performance ceramic (alumina toughened zirconium oxide). This zirconium oxide which is strengthened by aluminium oxide is ideal for the production of drills and taps. These ATZ drills have excellent cutting performance and low wear. Scalpels and raspatories are manufactured from zirconium oxide using an injection molding process.

Biocompatibility and bone integration

Due to years of use of this material for dental reconstruction and its use in orthopaedic, zirconium oxide is known to be highly biocompatible. This has been shown in a large number of clinical studies.

Zirconium oxide has comparable bone integration to commercially pure titanium. Sennerby et al. (Gothenburg, Sweden) have shown in an animal study that the removal torque of zirconium oxide implants with a rough surface is comparable after 6 weeks to the removal torque of titanium implants with a rough surface. Gahlert et al. (Munich, Germany) showed in an animal study that zirconium oxide implants with a roughened surface have better stability than machined zirconium oxide implants. The roughening of the surface increases bone apposition and has a positive effect on removal torque.

And the cost? Ceramic NON METAL Implants are £2850 including the abutment and restoration