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Combining CT Xray Scans and Implant Placement

We offer the most modern way to place Dental Implants.

Combining Computer Xray/CT Scan technology and Cerec Technology we are able to place implants very accurately, less traumatically and restore them immediately.

In order to be able to offer our patients the very best Dental Implant Options we invested in using a computer guided implant placement system.

This technology is very new and also very expensive so we are one of the few Dental Practices in the UK to have in house 3D scanning facilities.

In this fast developing process we use cone beam scan data in our computers, this data will produce a very accurate three-dimensional map of the jaws and soft tissues.

We then design implant contruction on the computer model in conjunction with ideal tooth positions. The technology allows us to then manufacture a computer formed stent to guide the accurate placement of implants in the positions generated on the 3D computer model.

Because this new technology is so accurate we have the added advantage of being able to place the implants without the need to cut the gum and then stitch up afterwards in a conventional fashion.

This results in a quicker operation time and also reduces the post operative recovery period dramatically.

In the case of more complex cases the accuracy of this process allows us to produce a temporary restoration, for example, a bridge in advance that will be fitted at the time of surgery.