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Complex Implant Treatments In Cambridge

Most Implant treatment is very straight forward, especially to an experienced implant Surgeon.

However there are cases, where perhaps because of the anatomy, pathology, occlusion the treatment is complicated.

In these cases, it is reassuring to know that your implant surgeon is experienced and professional.

Our Implant team

We have 4 Implant surgeons, Dr Jaime De Castro Torres, Dr Álvaro De Castro Torres, Dr Selcuk Erkan and Dr Ezgi Cilingir

The team has, between them, many years of experience in both the straight forward and the more complex implant cases including full mouth reconstructions

The team has a wide experience of the simple and complex case and carries out all the procedures including any preliminary work like Sinus lifts and other Oral Surgery Procedures.

The team between them has placed considerably more than 2000 implants and continue to place 100's of implants a year

At least one member of the team is available EVERY day of the week.

Charges for Implant Consultation

£25 for the examination + the cost of any Xrays
For patients seeing
Dr Jaime De Castro Torres
Dr Alvaro (George) De Castro Torres.
Dr Ezgi Cilingir
Dr Selcuk Erkan

Free Examination for any of our patients who have had a Full Dental examination in the previous 12 months

CT Xray Scans

Sometimes we need to get a CT Scan (3D X-ray) and final treatment plan and costs will depend on findings. The cost of the CT scan is £95.

Bone Grafting/Augmentation

Our implants team at The Milton Keynes Dental Implants Practice offers bone grafting/augmentation in an ultra modern and safe environment.

These are a relatively easy procedure when carried out by experience practitioners and our clinical team has a vast range of experience.

In some cases there is not enough bone to support the implant.

In these cases we add an artificial bone substrate to the area around the implant.

Basically we use artificial bone to promote the formation of real bone.

There are two main scenarios

The first is where we add bone to the area and then wait before we place the implant (a few months). The cost for this starts from £300 per implant; but we will always give to the exact price beforehand.

The second is where the bone is added at the same time that the implant is placed. The cost for this starts from £300 per implant; but we will always give to the exact price beforehand.

Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) involves the use of a membrane that physically separates the osseous tissue from the soft tissue. Ridge augmentation is based on the principle that different cellular components in the tissue have varying rates of migration into a wound area during healing. By using a membrane as a mechanical barrier, fibroblasts and epithelial cells are excluded from the osseous tissue, so that only osseous cells are available to repopulate the healing area. There are several important elements to take into account when grafting a site, such as use of membranes, type of graft, space maintenance, suturing, flap release and design, site preparation, and post-operative medication.


Without a membrane, competing cells from the soft tissue may populate the treatment area and prevent osteogenesis. Barrier membranes used in guided bone regeneration procedures can be either resorbable or non-resorbable.

Non-resorbable membranes provide a long-term barrier effect but are subject to soft tissue opening and membrane exposure, which can lead to infection, early membrane removal, and compromised results. Resorbable membranes are less prone to soft tissue opening and becoming infected but some may not function as an intact barrier for extended periods of time.

The efficacy of the membrane technique to prevent graft resorption may be due to a combination of different factors, including:

1) Prevention of fibroblast mass action;

2) prevention of contact inhibition by heterotypic cell interaction;

3) exclusion of cell-derived soluble inhibitory factors; and

4) concentration, locally, of growth stimulatory factor.

We use only the very best artificial bone and tissue substitutes. We chose these because there lots of research papers showing great results.

Sinus Lifts

Our implants team at The Milton Keynes Dental Implants Practice offers Sinus Lifts in an ultra modern and safe environment.

This is a complex procedure and our clinical team has a vast range of experience.

In the upper jaw there are sinuses about the teeth, and this is especially important above the back teeth.

As a result of perhaps gum disease, trauma or other diseases the bone between the gum and the sinus is lost and this means either that the implants have to be very small or there will be a high risk of the implant entering the sinus.

To reduce the problem a layer of bone is established in the sinus thus increasing the bone between the gum and the sinus.

What are Same Day Teeth with Dental Implants (All on 4)?

Click on image above to find out more about "All On 4's"

Cortically Fixed Implants

The Cortically Fixed Implants protocol has been developed over a number of years with leading specialist engineers overcoming the challenges often faced by Dental Practitioners working with Implants alone.

The effectiveness of Implants is reliant upon good anchorage to the Jaw bone, this can often be a challenge where the bone is weak or has deteriorated. The Cortically Fixed Implants protocol sought to find a solution to improve the anchorage of fixed teeth without the need for bone grafting and sinus lifting, both these methods are highly invasive and are not without long healing periods.

The Cortically Fixed Implants protocol offers all the advantages of Implants:
Recapture your smile and your confidence
Talk freely and comfortably in the way that you used to
Rediscover your favourite foods as chewing improves
Significantly shorter healing periods (Weeks)
Effective solution for patients with weak or no bone.
It can potentially overcome challenges where other solutions are ineffective or may fail
Great alternative for patients that want to avoid bone grafting or sinus lift